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About Pandion Knights

Welcome to The Pandion Knights Guild Website

Guild Founded on  April 13,2010

The Pandion Knights Code of Chivalry

"The Old Code" & "Code of Honor"

"A Knight is sworn to valour

His Heart Knows Only Virtue,

His Blade Defends The Helpless,

His Might Upholds The Weak,

His Words Speak Only Truth,

His Wrath Undoes The Wicked.

Valor, Virtue, & Truth...

Remember These Well!"

Taken from the movie Dragonheart


Within this guild we work and live by this code. It is our code of conduct in speech and action, and it governs our choices in battle as well as within sanctuary. Here we hold a deep respect for each other and others with whom we work, and we show this respect by being harmonious towards all whom we meet, even when we do not agree. We will always help those in need of aid without hesitation if at all possible, and we seek for these opportunities at all times. We help those outside our circle who are in need, you need not be part of our Order to receive help from us.

As a Knight of the Pandion Order you swear to uphold this code and the precepts connected to it at all times. Act with Honor, which honor is Valor, Virtue and Truth, and by those things shall you be known to be part of this Order.

May You Exemplify Honor!

Site Registration

To Register/Apply there is a button to the left hand side of the screen that says Register / Join. Then Fill out the form As Completely as Possible. You Register to and then Apply to the guild. We have this site to aid in Communication when we can't be in Game as well as a place to get to know and have outside of game fun with our fellow Knights. Registration/ Application/Joining is Free and very secure and confidential no private info is seen by even the Site Creator.

After you Register please sit back and wait for Ksparhawk (Guild Master and Site Creator) to work the magic which will Entreatith Entry into

The House of the Pandion Knights

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